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About me

As an experienced copywriter, Sara spends her days helping companies and organisations get their message across clearly. She writes articles, brochures, case studies, direct mail and websites, with expertise in both print and digital communications. She also manages the Australian office for Writers Ltd, working on projects of all sizes with other writers in Australia, England and France.

With a diverse group of long-standing clients and an eye for detail and deadlines, Sara is committed to creating clear and persuasive copy that is also enjoyable to read.

Sara has a Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing) from the University of NSW, and qualifications in copywriting and writing for digital media. She enjoys the challenges of learning about something new every day, whether it’s the way financial markets work or the way a wind turbine generates electricity.

Areas of expertise

  • Writing and editing web copy, brochures, direct mail, case studies and other marketing materials, especially for the following sectors:
    • Finance and insurance
    • Professional services
    • Education
    • Energy
    • Retail
    • Property

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