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Behind the meter community solar

This set of resources outlines what you need to know to get a behind the meter community solar project off the ground. Specifically, these resources aim to help community energy groups to understand: 

  • The models of community solar that we know work in the current context 
  • The reasons why they do work in the current context 
  • The constraints that make alternative models challenging 
  • Which if any of these models is appropriate for your community group 
  • The first steps to undertake to start implementing the most appropriate model. 

The current energy market context and regulatory environment makes setting up a community energy project challenging. The behind the meter community solar models outlined are the only models we know of that will work in the current context. Noting of course that each model has specific requirements, so may not work in your community, or may need to be adapted to suit your local context. 

This should not dissuade your community energy groups from innovating and trying to create other models of community energy generally and community solar specifically. But rather, these resources are intended to help groups learn from others, provide options to choose from and make it easier to navigate the complexity of setting up your own project. 

This resource has been developed as part of the National Community Energy Strategy project, which outlines over 30 initiatives that intend to change structures to remove constraints and increase the viability of a range of models of community energy. 

To download the complete PDF click here.