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Embark lets you harness the power of architecturally designed luxury container homes for a greener, more sustainable future.

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Embark was founded in response to the dearth of sustainable, affordable, and well-designed housing in Australia. Discover the beauty and comfort of modern prefab homes – spaces that have been designed with you, and the planet, in mind.

Architectural Design

The clean lines of luxury shipping container homes recall simplicity and modernity. It is an aesthetic that lies at the confluence of past and future, moderation and resurgence. The dweller stands in the midst of it, guided by a vision of more sustainable way of living. With tight seams, efficient design, and high functionality, our custom container homes put high design within reach of the mindful buyer. Each home bears the owner's personal stamp, their unique notion of spatial freedom and beauty. As architects continue to explore modular building, so will buyers enjoy a range of shipping container house designs.

Environmental Sustainability

It doesn't get greener than our luxury shipping container homes. With reduced construction waste and a preference for natural, eco-friendly materials, a container home architect designs energy-efficient sea container homes with sustainability in mind. Shipping container home builders offer more options when it comes to alternative energy sources - solar, wind, water, thermal, you name it, and we’ll look into the possibilities. There's nothing like using a clean source of energy and being able to conserve it to the last drop. This is true power. A conscientious way of living that helps you soften your impact on the environment.

Fastest Build Time

Time is a luxury. That's why we use ground-breaking modular building techniques to deliver converted shipping containers in a matter of months, weeks or days. No delays. No compromises. Our container home builders work smart, producing and assembling quality, customisable prefabricated home components. A quick housing solution on permanent foundation. Build your dream home with none of the frustrations and time constraints of traditional construction. Because when it comes to shipping container homes, the only limit is your imagination. Experienced shipping container house builders, in cooperation with a container home architect, can make happen what you never previously thought possible.

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Why Customers Love Our Container Houses

Embark did a wonderful job with our new home. We couldn’t believe how high end and classy
the finishes looked. Not to mention the fast delivery time and reasonable costs.

Thomas Shepard


We’re happy to finally be moving to our new home. The team at Embark did exactly what they
said they would, which was to build our dream home in a short amount of time. Best of all, we
know the environment is better for it!

Stacey Martin


Andy Sanders

Our new home has everything we could possibly want. Embark went above and beyond to really understand what we wanted from our vision. We couldn’t be happier with the final build and its quality. The 11 Best Time-Saving Workout Tips for Busy Bodybuilders – Fitness Volt steroids for sale bodybuilder and mae west muscleman, reg lewis dead at age 85 – fitness volt


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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to build a container house?

The costs of custom container homes will vary depending on size, design, and structure. In Australia, container homes can cost as little as $1,200 per square metre – roughly a 40% drop in construction costs. Generally, sea container homes can range anywhere from $15,000 for a basic unit to $50,000 for a small but fully-outfitted two-bedroom. Luxury container homes can go up to $400,000 depending on the specifications. To get the best deal possible, request quotes from multiple shipping container house builders.

Do shipping container homes need a foundation?

When building luxury container homes, having a good foundation is critical. Over time, the ground beneath your shipping container house will sink, slide, or rise. These movements may not be noticeable, since they take place sporadically and very slowly. However, they will have an impact on how level the home is. A foundation offers stable ground for your container home and make sure the weight is evenly distributed. Without it, natural movements in the ground can cause the structure to shift, split, or separate. A good foundation can also help minimise moisture and prevent any corrosion that results from moisture.

How much does it cost to buy a container?

Shipping containers can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $20,000 depending on size, type, and purpose Prices will also depend on whether or not the shipping container is cargo-worthy, refurbished, brand new, open top, or side opening. Shipping container homes, however, will cost tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on build, size, and specifications.

Can you get a mortgage on a container home?

Yes, it possible to secure finance for container homes. However, you must discuss your construction plans in detail, including the timeframe, budget, and floor plan, with the lender. Specialist lenders may be willing to provide funds just before your container house gets fixed to the site. Some lenders will not provide funds until the shipping container home builders reach a certain phase in construction, such as after the property has been connected to services or after a certificate of occupancy has already been issued by the surveyor. There are also lenders who will only provide funds once the container house has been fully installed.

How long do container homes last?

A well constructed container house ought to last for at least 25 years with proper care and maintenance. When kept rust-free or clad with an external wood layer (or another protective material), custom container homes can even longer. To care for your container house, inspect the structure regularly for rust and treat rust spots as quickly as possible.

How do you build a container home?

Custom container homes are typically manufactured off-site in a controlled environment, such as a factory. This means that the building process is more efficient, as there are no delays due to inclement weather, unlike on-site construction. During this process, the shipping container gets refitted for use as a modular unit. The container home will then be transported to the site, usually via hydraulic lift. It is then placed onto the foundation and connected with services.

Are shipping container homes cheaper?

Yes, shipping container homes are generally more affordable and cost-effective than traditional construction. These homes can be as cheap to build as $1,200 for every square metre, which translates to about a 40% decrease in construction costs compared with traditional construction of a similar property. However, the final cost of a container house varies depending on size, style, structure, location, utilities, and other specifications. The cost estimate for container houses range from $15,000 to $50,000. Luxury container homes with double height living areas and upscale finishes, for example, can cost an upwards of $300,000 or more. You can get quotes from more than one builder in order to find the best prices for your container house.

Are container homes safe?

Yes, sea container homes are just as safe as traditional homes, provided that the wooden floors have not been treated with pesticide and that the walls have not been coated with hazardous paint. Embark uses the safest and best quality materials to build your container house. Container homes are also secure, since these containers were designed to be impenetrable and sturdy storage spaces for transporting goods. They are also built to withstand tons of heavy cargo.

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