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Live in a modular house like no other. Built with eco-friendly materials and the latest in prefab technology, our modern modular homes are the product of innovation and human perseverance. Embark on a journey with us to a sustainable future.

Modular Home Builders on a World Mission

Our modern lifestyles are having an increasingly negative impact on the environment. Embark was founded with the aim of creating affordable modular homes through sustainable means. With reduced waste, faster build times, and cost-effective construction, we hope to make a difference in the the beautiful planet we live in.

Less waste

When we manufacture house components in a controlled setting, we minimise waste, avoid delays, and reduce carbon emissions. Costs and build times are more predictable.

Faster construction

You don’t have to wait for eternity when having a modular house made. Rain or shine, we’ll have your home ready when we say we will. No delays, no excuses.

Gorgeous designs

Make no compromises when it comes to design and layout. Even cheap modular homes come in a stunning array of designs that range from classic to contemporary, minimalist to eclectic.

Your Dream Modular Home is Within Reach

Ready to build your own modular house? We’d love to get in touch with you. Talk to a modular home architect today to inquire about designs and prefab modular prices.

The Benefits of Modular Construction

As modular house builders, we believe in giving clients the best home they can possibly have. That’s why we deliver quality homes and top notch service.

Cost savings

Get more value for your money and make the most of your resources with modular homes under 150k. Embark gives you everything in a neat package – design, aesthetic, functionality, comfort, and longevity, all made affordable. This is a home purchase where you don’t have to make trade-offs. Because cheap isn’t synonymous with subpar. Not in our vocabulary. We don’t sacrifice quality for price. We’ve simply found a more efficient way of building houses. One that prevents wastefulness, keeps costs low, and helps ensure consistency and quality. Our team creates affordable modular homes to meet the gap for well-built and reasonably priced homes in the market. Because safe, sturdy, and well-constructed homes should be available to everyone regardless of their financial means.


Traditional construction methods are taking a toll on the planet. Tonnes of construction waste make their way into our landfills each year, with only half of waste material getting recycled. The construction sector contributes greatly to Australia’s emissions. Here’s a kinder way of building homes. Embark has found the perfect balance between the demand for shelter and the need to lessen our impact on the environment. By manufacturing house components in a controlled setting, we are able to reduce emissions and minimise waste. Modular home construction also allows us to incorporate renewable raw materials into our designs.

Fast Build Time

Time is a luxury. Unfortunately, not all of us have much of it to spare. We understand that clients have time-sensitive concerns around home building and construction. Families with small children want to get settled in time for the next school year. Those relocating for work have to think about their start date. We’re pleased to tell you that Embark delivers homes at a fast rate. The streamlined process of modular construction allows us to prevent delays. Our commitment to your satisfaction means that we’ll work double time to meet your targets. Beat the clock with modular construction. With professional modular home builders working on your house, you’ll never have to deal with the long hard wait.

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Our Fierce Commitment to Quality and Service

Here’s what past and current clients have to say about their modern modular homes

Embark did a wonderful job with our new home. We couldn’t believe how high end and classy
the finishes looked. Not to mention the fast delivery time and reasonable costs.

Thomas Shepard


We’re happy to finally be moving to our new home. The team at Embark did exactly what they
said they would, which was to build our dream home in a short amount of time. Best of all, we
know the environment is better for it!

Stacey Martin


Our new home has everything we could possibly want. Embark went above and beyond to really understand what we wanted from our vision. We couldn’t be happier with the final build and its quality. Gila: Actor Indrans turns a bodybuilder – Malayalam News – tren watch ufc legend stephen thompson smash bodybuilder pal with brutal leg kicks in training… before hurting own foot | the sun

Andy Sanders


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best modular home to buy?

The best modular home is the one that suits your wants, needs, budget, lifestyle, and personal values. The good news is that you’ll find prefab container homes in all designs, sizes, and prices. From small modular homes inspired by the tiny house movement, to luxury modular homes that spare no expense when it comes to style and comfort, your choices are endless. The key to finding the best home is working with the right modular home architect – someone who understands how you envision your living space and what you want out of a home. Embark creates sustainable prefab containers homes to the highest standard. Get in touch with us today to inquire about prefab modular prices.

What does modular construction mean?

Modular construction is a popular form of alternative construction which uses factory-produced, pre-fabricated home components. These components are assembled and transported to the home site, where the modular home is placed on top of the foundation. Modular homes can be placed on permanent foundations. Common foundation options include basements and crawl spaces. Once the modular home is on site, builders customarily do a final inspection of the property to make sure that the foundation and utilities are in proper order. Modular construction isn’t limited to private home construction. Modular building techniques can also be used for the following: Apartments and mixed-use developments Public housing Workers’ accommodations Hotels Offices Pop-up stores Government buildings

Are modular homes as good as a stick built?

Modular homes are every bit as good as stick-built or traditionally built homes. Even cheap modular homes are being built to higher standards now than they were decades ago, putting them on par with traditional housing, but with the added advantage of faster construction, less waste, and predictable costs. Often made with sustainable materials, modern modular homes are just as energy-efficient as stick-built homes, and are typically designed economic and environment-friendly features. Moreover, modular house builders observe standard safety regulations when manufacturing and installing modular homes, so you never have to worry about experiencing health issues or safety hazards when staying in your modular house.

What are modular buildings made of?

The most common materials used in modular construction are wood, steel, and concrete. There are certain advantages with each material, although some container home builders will use a combination of two or all three materials. Wood modular building is synonymous with stronger buildings, better insulation, and very low toxin levels. Steel and concrete modular buildings are fire resistant and allow for bigger beam span openings and greater building footprints and height. All three materials are sustainable.

How long do modular homes last?

Modular homes can last up to 25 years with proper maintenance, as with any home. To protect your investment, regular upkeep is necessary. Be on the lookout for rust and treat any spots as soon as you detect them. Modular homes for sale vary greatly in design and quality – choosing the right one is crucial if you expect to live in your modular house for many years. To get the best deal, reach out to several modular home builders and assess their work.

What are the benefits of modular construction?

Some of the benefits of modular construction include: Faster build time. Depending on the specifications of the project, modular construction typically takes less time than traditional construction. For instance, indoor construction means that extreme weather is less likely to cause delays in the project. Quality. Indoor construction ensures tight quality control. Moreover, container home builders must comply with local and international building codes and standards. Eco-friendliness. Since modular home components are prefabricated and assembled in temperature controlled factories, modular construction results in reduced construction waste and carbon footprint. It also makes use of sustainable, environment-friendly, and recyclable materials. Design. Because of quality materials and the availability of bespoke options, custom container homes are sleek and stylish. A container home architect will always try to find the right balance between form and function.

Is a modular home a good investment?

Yes, modular homes are a great investment in the sense that you get more than what you initially spent. It is possible to purchase a modular house for a fraction of the price of a conventional home and still get the same benefits in terms of space, privacy, security, and convenience. And you can’t put a price tag on the stability and other intangibles that come with owning a home and not having to lose sleep over an outrageously expensive mortgage. Generally speaking, modern modular homes have better resale value than mobile homes, as they last longer with proper care and maintenance. What will have a bigger impact in your home purchase is the land it sits on – location is a premium in real estate, and this will inevitably affect resale value down the line. Moreover, it’s possible to find modular homes under 150k, making them an excellent entry level home for first time buyers.

Is modular construction cheaper?

Yes, modular construction is generally cheaper than traditional housing. You will easily find modular homes under 150k in today’s market. However, the costs of modular construction vary depending on the specifications of the project. Modular construction typically costs roughly 10% to 30% less than traditional construction. For used modular buildings, the costs can be 50% less. However, there may be additional costs for transportation and setting up utilities depending on the foundation or location of the home site.

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