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Luxury Prefab Homes

Imagine a home designed just for you. One with faster build time, justifiable costs, and low environmental impact. Embark on a journey with us to a sustainable future.

Industry Leading Prefab Home Builders

We at Embark have a passion for design, construction, and sustainability. We specialise in prefab home construction that challenges and re-imagines the status quo. The home of the future is here.

Sleek designs

Never compromise on style. Pre-built homes come in a wide variety of designs to fit every aesthetic.

Waste reduction

Prefab house builders create components in controlled off-site environments. The result is waste reduction, reliability, and consistent quality.


Pre built homes can be laid out or stacked together in any orientation. Arrange and rearrange as your housing needs change with time.

Modern Prefab Home Specialists

Embark dreams of a future where construction has minimal environmental impact. A way of building homes with virtually no waste. Together, we can make this vision a reality.

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Prefab Home Building Benefits

Embark was founded in response to the dearth of sustainable, affordable, and well-designed housing in Australia. Discover the beauty and comfort of modern prefab homes – spaces that have been designed with you, and the planet, in mind.

Architectural Design

Prefab hardly means cookie-cutter. Not in our book. Prefab housing pushes the boundaries of design. It’s whatever you want it to be. Here’s a new way of looking at architecture. A marriage between form and function. Classic and modern. All made possible with human innovation and cutting-edge technology. Your living space can be so much more. Explore the possibilities with prefab homes for sale.

Environmental Sustainability

Prefab is the kinder option. Manufacturing house components in a factory floor minimises waste and reduces carbon emissions. Prefab house builders only use what they need. Excess material is saved and used on another home. Manufacturing costs are more controlled and predictable. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved. Despite this conscientious approach to prefab housing, we spare no luxury when it comes to building your home. Embark uses only the safest and best quality sustainable materials. No toxic paint, no hazardous chemicals. All our prefab homes comply with current building standards.

Fastest Build Time

No one is more excited for your prefab home than we are. That’s why we have lightning fast build times for prefab modular homes. Manufacturing components in a controlled factory environment allows us to work steadily though inclement weather. With greater efficiency and no interruptions, we deliver on time. And contrary to popular belief, fast and cheap prefab homes are just as sturdy as traditional housing. Prefab technology has made strides in the last few years – reap the benefits when you choose Embark.

Amazing Experiences

Find out what past and current clients have to say about our prefab container homes. Your satisfaction is our greatest joy. Embark is grateful to be part of your journey to a sustainable future.

Embark did a wonderful job with our new home. We couldn’t believe how high end and classy
the finishes looked. Not to mention the fast delivery time and reasonable costs.

Thomas Shepard


We’re happy to finally be moving to our new home. The team at Embark did exactly what they said they would, which was to build our dream home in a short amount of time. Best of all, we know the environment is better for it! Bodybuilder & Model Deniz Saypinar Banned From Boarding Flight Over Her ‘Short & Skimpy’ Outfit | Pics anavar female bodybuilder, 82, fights home intruder: ‘he picked the wrong house’

Stacey Martin


Our new home has everything we could possibly want. Embark went above and beyond to really understand what we wanted from our vision. We couldn’t be happier with the final build and its quality.

Andy Sanders


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are prefab homes cheaper to build?

Yes, prefab homes can be cheaper to build than traditional homes, although the final cost will ultimately depend on size, specifications, finishes, services, and other variables. But generally there is greater efficiency and cost control when it comes to prefabricating house components in an offsite location. You also get better quality for the price as factory floors provide superior tools and equipment compared with on-site construction. Customisation options also let you to build only what you need, preventing wastefulness and allowing for a more cost-effective approach to home construction. Since construction costs depend on the number of rooms, fixtures, and other factors, you can reduce costs simply by planning your prefab home around your household’s needs for the foreseeable future.

Can I get a mortgage on a prefab house?

Yes, most prefab container homes are eligible for a first homebuyer grant though most lenders will only approve loans for pre built homes if your equity is equal to the loan amount. Some lenders will also expect you to provide a detail explanation of your construction plans, as they will only provide funds before or after a certain phase in construction. In order to secure finance for a prefab house, it’s ideal to start looking for lenders early as well as speak with multiple lenders to get the best terms possible.

Which is better, prefab or modular?

The term “Prefab” encompasses several building methods in which sections or components of the structure are built in an offsite location, usually a factory floor then transported to the designated site via crane or hydraulic lift depending on weight. The components are assembled at the site. Modular home construction is a more specific prefab building method where pre-fabricated “modules” or modular units are stacked together in any orientation or layout. Modules are often made out of shipping containers. When inquiring with prefab home builders, you will have to clarify which building method you’re interested in, whether modular, panel, manufactured, or another method. If you’re uncertain, a prefab home architect can steer you in the right direction. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Is prefab cheaper than standard building?

Yes, prefab can be cheaper than standard building since it reduces waste and translates to faster build time. However, the final cost of pre-built homes will still depend on the number of rooms as well as the kind of finishes, fixtures, and materials to be used. Transportation and services should also be factored into costing. But generally, prefab house builders offer cost-effective solutions because off-site manufacturing allows them to minimise waste and streamline costs. To find the best bargains, it is generally advisable to inquire with several prefab home builders.

Are prefab houses any good?

Yes, prefab houses make good homes. Aside from reduced waste, faster build time, and predictability of costs, modern prefab homes offer the same level of privacy, comfort, convenience, and security as conventional homes. In terms of design, prefab container homes can be just as stylish as traditionally built houses. A prefab home architect can create and execute a variety of designs that suit your taste. Options for floor plans, finishes, fixtures, and cabinetry are near-endless. You’ll also find a prefab home at just about any price range. From luxury prefab homes with magazine-worthy interiors to affordable prefab homes with a cozy vibe, you’re bound to find a builder who can work with your set budget.

Can you design your own prefab home?

Yes, you can design your own prefab home. Although you can choose from a wide range of styles and models, prefab homes builders like Embark understand that no one style or model can meet all your aesthetic preferences. From floor plans to interior design, a good prefab home architect can accommodate your needs. To create your own design, get in touch with us and inquire about our customisation options.

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